Private Coaching

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if you feel like…

• You’re going through your day with one foot on the gas and one on the brakes
• You have frequent energy slumps throughout the day
• You know what you “should” be doing but have trouble implementing it
• You have low energy during workouts, and poor recovery after workouts
• You feel like you are totally “ON” or totally “OFF” with your health and fitness, and there is no in between 
• You have zero time to devote to your health

You are not alone!

let’s make this your reality!

Confidently feel like YOU are in control of your energy levels 
Look at your health and nutrition from multiple angles, including mindset, habits/ behaviors, lab values, optimal fuel and recovery
Learn the science of improving your physical and cognitive performance to crush all your goals
Have mentorship and guidance from a supportive coach to give you autonomy and control over your health

What if you could ...

Want to become a private client? 

Here’s what you can expect:

• Weekly education on topics such as mindset, foundations, blood sugar regulation, gut health, reducing inflammation, adrenal health, sleep, and nutrition for fueling and recovery.
• High quality, professional grade supplement recommendations and discounts
• Mindset, symptom, and habit worksheets to track and reflect on behaviors
• At home lab testing or bloodwork review from your primary care physician, to look at your health from the inside out
• Food photo log for feedback and accountability 
• Weekly meal plans based on your nutrient needs, preferences, intolerances, and cooking habits 
• Daily chat support to answer any of your questions
• Video calling during scheduled appointments 

Let’s take back some OWNERSHIP over your health & life. 

I'm ready for this!

Specialized Lab Testing

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You deserve to feel great, and looking at your metabolism from the inside out is a part of it. I firmly believe in individualizing your care through lab testing. This provides a straight shot for your action plan AND give you validation for why you're feeling not so great. I compare your results to the functional "optimal functioning range" to get you feeling and functioning your best.

I recommend blood labs, hormone testing, nutrient testing or stool testing based on your symptoms. It's important for me to look into all symptoms to help paint a better picture of what is going on and recommend the right labs. 

Is lab testing for you?

Want to discuss symptoms? Book a discovery call below.

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