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For those who are local, we are bringing back the metabolic assessments. One of my core values of my practice is individualization, and that certainly holds true to your metabolism. Testing can help us gain insight into how your metabolism functions so we can make targeted changes to your nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, and movement. Although […]

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These days, we could all use a little metabolic support. I truly believe that the functionality of your metabolism can depend on knowing how it actually works and increasing awareness of what it feels like when it is functioning properly vs. sluggish (aka, looking at symptoms). Far too often I see people after YEARS of […]

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The body and the mind are one system and mutually influence each other. Imbalances in the body’s core systems— adrenal system, thyroid, sex hormones, gut, detoxification, and overall metabolism —can influence the brain resulting in altered mood, memory, behavior, and attention. Because the mind and body are intertwined, improving your physical health can influence your […]

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The current mental health movement has without a doubt sparked curiosity and conversation in areas that many were not previously aware of, bringing a positive, sometimes conflicting, but forward thinking change. Overall, this has brought to the surface more of a cultural understanding of emotions, trauma, and even the physical side of mental health and […]

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We all know that I am big on recovery, so naturally I have to bring up the king of recovery- sleep. It is simply the ultimate form of recovery for the mind and body. Although setting boundaries and being intentional about consistency is important, this isn’t necessarily the whole picture. For real, true, quality sleep, […]

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Lab work can come in different forms and provide us so much valuable information in different ways. Functional gut and hormone labs can provide us with so much important information, but let’s still not underestimate some of these blood labs that we can get from our primary care physician at our yearly checkups. This really […]

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I’m a firm believer that actually knowing what is going on inside your body can help you connect the dots with your symptoms and drive action with your health. This helps you and your practitioner get to the root cause, as opposed to surface level “band aid” approaches. This can ultimately drive informed action. Routine […]

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Burnout- definitely what I’d consider a buzz word nowadays, and for good reason. It’s one of those medical diagnoses (yes- it actually was deemed a medical diagnosis in 2019 by The World Health Organization) that you hear the name and automatically know what it is. In fact, there’s a good chance that you may have […]

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Protein- depending on who you talk to is your saving grace or simply overrated. Truth is, like all the macronutrients (and micronutrients) we need it and it does play a huge role in how we feel and function everyday. I can also tell you from almost 7 years of practicing as a dietitian, protein intake […]

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In my opinion, we can’t not talk about mental health without talking about gut health. Research between the gut brain connection is continually evolving, from its role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters to how it impacts the stress response. We have TRILLIONS of gut bacteria that live inside of us. Do you think that can […]

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success stories

"The results from working with Chelsea were great. I had more energy, especially for the 4:30 am early workouts, my body fat & weight dropped and my two triathlons went extremely well. The process was actually fun and I looked forward to our regular meetings. It didn’t seem like work since I was making an investment in a better me."

In about 4 months of her personalized program, I have lost 10 lbs., gained muscle mass, my body fat is going down steadily, my lab numbers are in normal range, and I feel GREAT! For the first time in all these years I am approaching my wellness goal with a fit body and mind. To me, the mastermind behind all these achievements is Chelsea.”

“My results in one word? Energy. Working together to ensure my body was getting the appropriate caloric intake to sustain the workouts, understanding what that meant and ultimately how to achieve that was paramount to our success as a team. My workouts didn't necessarily get easier, more so than I got better, physically and mentally. I started eating better, sleeping better, and working out better. That's been invaluable to me and will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

Dan, Age 53

Marleny, Age 68

Steve, Age 37

“Chelsea has helped me implement changes from increased water intake, better sleeping habits, reduced brain fog, daily routine, and especially better eating habits. These are changes I have been wanting to make my whole life but did not know where to start. Chelsea listens, she is kind, extremely knowledgeable and truly wants the best for you!”

“I liked Chelsea’s approach of how to enact significant long term lifestyle changes. I lost weight, more muscle, more energy, less "mid day slumps", more consistency overall, learned many techniques to help me maintain progress even during difficult times. It wasn’t just the fact that I was able to have a trusted source and be held accountable, but also how she approached large changes as a series of small, individual changes that add up to something greater.”

“Chelsea has had a tremendously positive impact on the way that I now eat and therefore, live. Her approach is comprehensive, judicious, practical, and very detail-oriented. I truly feel that her practice exudes authenticity and professionalism, and it has made for a great overall experience with her.”

Danielle, Age 28

Jonathan, Age 29

Zach, Age 25

“I'm training for my first Ultra and was having issues sustaining energy, knowing which supplements I should take, and I wanted to eat clean to help achieve my running goals. Since working with Chelsea, I feel great! My training is going great, my mile times are improving and I've learned how to eat real foods and enjoy it! I'm extremely pleased with the results I've seen since consulting Chelsea. I look forward to our weekly sessions and was surprised how easy it is each week for me to hit the goals she sets for me.”

“My confidence since I started with Chelsea has skyrocketed. I feel so much happier and healthier, and I have been more comfortable in my clothes! I have lost a total of about 15 lbs as of now, my stamina in the gym significantly increased, my energy levels have been consistent, sleep has been great, and my clothes fit looser.”

“Working with Chelsea really shifted my mindset around food. I began to stop labeling foods as “bad” and focusing on fueling my body with foods that make me feel good and give me more energy in the gym and throughout the day. Balance and moderation are things I have struggled with in the past, always having an “all or nothing” mentality around food. Chelsea gave me tools and strategies to enjoy eating and building healthy habits!”

Christina, Age 41 

Andrea, Age 26

Tara, Age 27 

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